Nina Carroll 1980

Drovers Hall

London Road/Bowling Green Road

The attractive late Victorian stone buildings which follow the curve of the junction of London Road and Bowling Green Road were originally the administrative buildings of the old Kettering Cattle Market.

They were adapted for use as a restaurant during 1983, but earlier had decayed. The Civic Society fought for their preservation, even mobilising members with ladders to repair the roof.

Originally the buildings were the market keeper’s house, the office of the public weighbridge on which in the 1920s vehicles halted to be weighed in the Bowling Green Road traffic stream, a refreshment bar for use on market days, and a shed for the Council’s steam roller.

The land on which the Drovers Hall stands was once part of the grounds of the George Hotel. It was here that the hotel’s bowling green was situated, hence the name of the road. It is also where, in the late 1700s, one of the earliest hot air balloon flights took place

Notice the strange waist-high erosions in the sandstone, which have partly disappeared with restoration. They were hollowed out by queues of Grammar Schoolboys passing time waiting for buses when the school occupied the present Municipal Offices building.

Researched by Kettering Civic Society

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