Kettering High School for Girls

The former Kettering High School for Girls opened in September 1913 in the premises in Bowling Green Road that are currently occupied by North Northamptonshire Council. It shared the building with the Kettering Boys Grammar School, that had moved from its former premises in Gold Street, and there were separate entrances for them both. Permission to create a shared girls and boys school was granted by Northamptonshire County Council in 1909.

The first headmistress of the school was a Miss Edith Bristol who had previously been the Senior History mistress at Glasgow High School. The second teacher at the school was a Miss Charlotte Butcher, and she stayed at the school until her retirement in 1933.

The school was originally only meant to accommodate 100 girls, but when it opened there were 124 girls in the first intake.

In 1922, Commemoration Day was introduced at the school by a Miss Whyte, but instead of it being held in the September as would be expected, it was held in June. This was because they wanted to commemorate the date of 15th June 1577, which was when Queen Elizabeth I had donated land and property to Kettering to finance a Grammar School.

In 1964, a new school was built in Lewis Road to house the Kettering High School for Girls, which had amalgamated with the Rockingham Road Secondary School for Girls, to become a new comprehensive school called Southfield School for Girls.

The Kettering High School for Girls motto was “Members One of Another”

Researched by Janice Parker

An impressive piece of neo-Classical work designed by J. A. Gotch in red brick and Ancaster stone. A porte cochére was added when the building was transformed into the town hall in 1965.

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