Sophie Green (1877-1956)

Educational Pioneer

Sophie Green lies in an unmarked grave, just behind this house which was her home for many years. She first lived in Cobden Street before she moved to St Peter’s Avenue.

She is celebrated for her pioneering work in education. She began working for the Workers’ Educational Association (the WEA) whilst employed at the Kettering Cooperative Clothing factory. She was appointed WEA tutor and organizer for Kettering and District in 1919 and remained in this role, teaching women workers in Northampton, Corby and Rushden.

In the early 1930s she was sent to teach in Huntingdon, St Neots and Eaton Socon. A truly pioneering woman of her time who helped to increase the power and scope of women’s’ role in society.

Researched by Bernadette Millar

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