The Alfred East Monument

Dated 1913 this bronze bust of Sir Alfred East RA (1849-1913), on a stone pedestal with fluted base was sculpted by Sir George Frampton RA, PRBS (1860-1928), a friend of East’s. The Grade 11 listed bust is located in Sheep Street. The monument was erected during the building of the Alfred East Gallery in 1913 and tucked away in an alcove by the wall  surrounding the Art Gallery and Library.

Frampton stands out as one of the most important of the ‘New Sculptors’, and the accessibility of his work in museums and his architectural sculpture across the country makes it easy to acquire a familiarity with his works.

Best known for his ‘Peter Pan’ statue, which stands in Kensington Gardens, he was a skilled sculptor of portraits, memorials and reliefs as well as a goldsmith, designer and craftsman.

The Alfred East Gallery also owns an earlier marble portrait bust of East by Frampton, dated 1902. This bust stands on a large stone base to appear monumental  and can be viewed within the Gallery.

Researched by Ian Luck

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