The Liberal Club

Once a great focal point of political life in Kettering as the Liberal Club during the years of the party’s greatness, this building later housed the Kettering branch of the Trustee Savings Bank. That bank relocated and after several uses, the building is now a public house. It was built in 1889 to the design of Gotch and Saunders to house the Liberal headquarters which became necessary after the widening of the electorate in 1885, and the creation of the new constituency of East Northants, which Kettering party members made one of the safest Liberal seats in the country. As well as offices, the building housed a comfortable club and assembly hall, and from the balcony speakers addressed many historic meetings.

The style is a splendid free adaptation of Jacobean in red brick with Weldon stone dressings. Sadly, with the change of use, the name Liberal Club and friezes illustrating Liberal doctrines have been insensitively chiselled off.

Researched by David Brown

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