The Lloyds Bank Building

Local historical information suggests that it was originally designed to house the Northamptonshire Banking Company who had temporary offices set up nearby in 1876. It was absorbed by the Capital and Counties Bank in 1890 and became part of Lloyds in 1918.

The 1884 OS Map shows a bank building in the location of the east side of the building, and this is believed to comprise the east side of the current building. When the 1899 OS Map was produced, it clearly showed the footprint of the current building, suggesting that it was extended between 1884 and 1899, when the south end of High Street was slightly widened.

Recently occupied by Lloyds TSB, now occupied by an Italian restaurant. No. 2 High Street is a landmark building that architecturally should be considered for listing. It features in key views from the Market Place looking north along the High Street and is prominent in historic postcard views. The building makes a considerable contribution to the historic streetscape and conservation area.

Researched by David Brown

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