The Maltings - Elworthy Brewery

There was a time when even small villages had several brewers. As things progressed, during the Victorian period fewer, larger and more specialised breweries emerged. Beer had been brewed at the Crown Brewery in Gold Street since the early 1800s, and sold from the pub of the same name by the Rose family. William Elworthy of Brixworth took over the concern in 1871.

The Maltings which can be seen on the right down Lower Street date from 1904. By the 1920s, the brewery was producing 400 barrels per week, distributed to over 20 tied houses. Each of the 20 or so brewery employees were entitled to three pints of beer a day free of charge. Three generations of Elworthys ran the brewery as well as several counttry pubs and the George Hotel. In 1931 the business was sold to Marstons of Burton-on-Trent, and brewing ceased in 1940.

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