The Peacock

Known to date back to 1833, an inn was thought to have been on this site probably in the early 18th century. The original Peacock had a traditional saloon bar, smoke room and an off-licence.

In Victorian times music hall performers visiting Kettering would lodge here and many leading ladies could be found in the saloon bar after their performances.

Charles Dickens was claimed to have visited while he was staying at the Royal Hotel (at that time the White Hart).

William Sculthorpe, licensee from 1895 to 1917, added the green and red tiles to the front of the building as he thought the frontage was so unlike a peacock.

The original building was demolished and rebuilt in 1960 by brewers Bass of Burton-on-Trent and then underwent another revamp costing £340,000 in 1996.

Some fine oak paneling, dating back to Cromwell’s time is featured in the rebuild.

Researched by Ian Luck

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